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Includes Ivan Smagghe's reimagining of this 80's classic...
With Special Guest DJ's "Get A Room"

Latest Beatport Review: 

You know the old adage, there’s nothing new under the sun? Well, in dance music, it’s beginning to feel like there’s nothing old left in the shadows, either. Between bootlegs, edits, remixes, samples, and good ol’ YouTube, whole swathes of forgotten dance-music history have been exhumed and exploited; a person could be forgiven for wondering how much quality music is left to unearth.

Enter Paris’ Kill The DJ label, which has turned up a 1986 track called “Civil Defense,” by Danny Alias.  Ron Hardy played it, but somehow the song fell out of the canon. Until now.

A lesser label might have just bootlegged it, but not Kill The DJ, who sought out the creator ("who was really easy to trace and a very enthusiast[ic] man,” they note, reminding would-be pirates that it’s often not that hard to, you know, do the right thing) and licensed the cut for remixes by Ivan Smagghe and Get A Room. The results, both very different, are thrilling. Get A Room’s version is a pumping, punchy disco-rock chugger that utilizes the vocals more for atmosphere and effect; Smagghe highlights the utter oddness of the original, from the clattering syn-drums to Alias’ ranted vocals.

Forget about “secret weapons"—these “Civil Defense” reworks substantially up the ante in dance music’s obscurities arms race. (No wonder that Trevor Jackson, Brodinski, Tiefschwarz, Ata, and My Favorite Robot are all over the moon about it.) Check the original in the video above, and pick up Kill The DJ’s edits on Beatport  here.

Limited Edition Danny Alias Cassette EP/Thunderground Records, circa 1988

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