Danny Alias "Beat the Poet"

Beat the Poet

2021 – Thunderground Records

The Long Awaited EP: “Beat The Poet” morphs the absurdly futuristic lyrical musings of Danny Alias with the compositional techno wizardry of artists Stefon “Bionik” Taylor, Grant Tennison, Dave Kresl, and Geoff Reddington. Seven decidedly offbeat tracks cement Mr. Alias in avant-garde history, if not his own rather stylishly fitted cement shoes.


Warden CA feat. Danny Alias
2018 – Lurid Music

Vinyl released 4 track EP produced by Linus Booth & Bryce Kushnier features two version of Alias’s “Elemental,” including a brilliant cover version by Rupert Cross. Remixed by Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross.
Elemental / WardenCA
Big Brother - The Answer

Big Brother – The Answer

2017 – Emotional Rescue
Terra Incognita

Civil Defense

2016 Reissue – Les Disques De La Mort
1984 – Thunderground Records

“Civil Defense” was—and still is—a tone poem. It was written in 1984 and first performed in various beatnik-esque coffee houses (with a simple beatbox) in and around Chicago. (I went to college on a full poetry scholarship– believe it or not!)”, as Danny himself says, and we think it’s right. “Civil Defense” was recorded at Seagrape Studios, Chicago. Produced by the late David Bell; mixed by Brett Wilcots.

Danny Alias "Civil Defense Reworks"

Civil Defense Reworks

2011 – Kill The DJ

1984-2021: For some 37 years Danny Alias’s tone poem “Civil Defense: The War Dance” has never gone out print, making it one of the most enduring (and bootlegged) underground hits from Chicago’s legendary House Music era. Originally released on Alias/Bell’s now legendary Persona Records label, “Civil Defense” has been re-released in multiple incarnations: Ivan Smagghe’s “A Few More Things” (2011); Les Disques Des La Mort (2016) as “Danny Alias/Civil Defense: Reworks,” a multi-track compilation of the original recordings along with new mixes by Smagghe and the iconic DJ, Mr. Ron Hardy. Etcetera.

Jackie O’s Secret UFO
Diet Cures Cancer

EP, Cassette
1988 – Thunderground Records




Jackie O's Secret UFO Diet Cures Cancer